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By partnering with FLEXPIT, universities will have access to new resources for recruiting athletes. Through the partnership, universities will have the ability to track the progress of potential recruits, compare their physical abilities, and determine their commitment to upping their game. Universities will also be able to showcase their own workout facilities and the different workout plans assigned by the university’s strength and conditioning coach. As a new recruit, prior to setting foot on the university campus, you have the ability to see how you rank in different lifting categories among players already on the team. FLEXPIT provides a platform for current university athletes to generate the exposure which may enable them to further their athletic careers.

FLEXPIT provides universities with new tools for monitoring the performance of their current athletes. FLEXPIT’s personalized groups allow athletes to compare their physical abilities to members of their specific team, as well as with all members of the university’s athletic program.  This encourages competition among athletes to push themselves to become the best on their team and the best on campus. Coaches and university staff will be able to monitor and assess the progress of their current athletes. They will be able to track the frequency of their athletes’ posts and the progress their athletes are making. This extends to the offseason where staff will be able to track the progress of athletes remotely through FLEXPIT. University staff will now be able to hold athletes accountable for completing their offseason workout routines.

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FLEXPIT is a community of people who are enthusiastic and passionate about fitness. FLEXPIT celebrates our users’ successes and achievements and encourages them to be proud of every step on their fitness journey. FLEXPIT encourages members along every stage of the fitness journey to keep pushing forward to achieve their fitness goals.


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