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A mobile platform for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike.

What Is


FLEXPIT is a social media fitness platform designed for fitness enthusiasts to showcase their fitness journey. FLEXPIT stands for Fitness Lifestyle EXercise Performance Improvement Tracker. Users can post highlights of their active lifestyles including exercises, meals, progress pictures, or whatever else they want to display on their profile. Users can compete and interact with the FLEXPIT community through FLEXPIT’s verified leaderboards. FLEXPIT incentivizes personal success by enabling users to set their own fitness goals, and awarding trophies for specific fitness achievements.


Who is it For?

Community Driven

Whether you are a regular gym-goer, or an athlete with ambitions for a career in sports, FLEXPIT welcomes you.  We provide a community driven platform for you to share your fitness journey and compete with others.


Verified Lifts

At FLEXPIT, credibility is very important. Our community of certified trainers must submit appropriate documentation before being authorized to verify lifts. For your lift to rank within the FLEXPIT leaderboard it must be verified by a FLEXPIT certified trainer. The trainer will inspect your lift and verify that it meets the criteria specified in the FLEXPIT Standard. After your lift has been verified by a FLEXPIT certified trainer, you will then be able to see where you rank on the FLEXPIT leaderboards.


See how you rank


FLEXPIT leaderboards give you the opportunity to see how your lifts rank locally, regionally, nationally, and globally when compared to those of other members. You have the ability to create custom leaderboards to track the aspects of the leaderboard that are most important to you. You can also create a group leaderboard for you and your friends to compete against one another. FLEXPIT is not just for athletes. It’s for all people interested in living a healthy lifestyle and motivated to improve. See where you rank among friends, family members, teammates, and future competitors on the FLEXPIT leaderboards.

Spot Others

Get Spotted

FLEXPIT allows you to spot and gain spotters. Your posts will appear on the FLEXPIT newsfeed for your spotters to fist bump and comment on.


Available on iOS


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